Billy the Kids

They were three British boys driving in the USA Texas (I checked I mean New Mexico).
The roads are really really long and we are driving a Japanese Rental Car.

On The Road, 2015, (PG).

On the radio is a BBC true crime real story about a murder that happened in the 70s.
It’s a mini polite version of a USA Serial. Exciting serial.
It is still interesting in its way but perhaps even less directional.

The road is really straight.

Billy the Kid’s Gravestone is in a small cage in a big cage. (He has a big gravestone in the big cage too).
I can’t remember why there are two, I will check.
There are cartoon graves around it outside the cage. They are made of wood with the words carved in.

Billy the Kid is also a cartoon but he has a real grave.

There is a museum about him too. Not that one. We are in Fort Sumner.
He’s got a grave in Hico, Texas also.
He was killed at 21 and lived to 70+.

We didn't go in the museum.